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What Ontarians are saying:

the Government doesn't care
half as much

To my MPP + Minister of Health,

I’m writing to express my shock and frustration at the way that you, as a politician elected to represent my family and myself, have so clearly let us down, with the Ontario government imposing drastic cuts to the medical care that my family and I need from our family doctors.

It is irresponsible of this government to make cuts to the health care that Ontario’s patients need from their family doctors at a time when our province’s health needs are increasing by 110,000 new seniors and 140,000 more Ontarians every year. Alberta and British Columbia have acted more responsibly to meet these needs, but Ontario’s government is failing its people with these health cuts.

Government cuts threaten my family’s access to medical care when we need it, by making it more difficult for communities to find and retain family doctors. These cuts also put after-hours care, end-of-life care, and health care for other vulnerable populations at risk.

With these health cuts, Government is abandoning more than 1 million Ontarians that need a family doctor, and threatens to undo the progress that helped 2.1 million Ontarians get a family doctor and get better preventative care over the past decade.

I’m standing with other patients and family doctors across Ontario, and asking you to patients ahead of politics.

As my MPP, I’m asking you to PUT PATIENTS FIRST!

Putting the budget ahead of patients is unacceptable. Government must fund our health system for the complex medical care that our growing and aging population needs.